Jackie & Jesus – Romantic Charleston Wedding – Magnolia Plantation – Charleston, SC 5.19.18

I’m going to be real real here with ya’ll. This wedding was a HUGE deal for me. When I first booked this wedding I was on cloud nine for at least a month! I could not believe I was getting the chance to photograph a wedding in Charleston, a location I had dreamed of photographing for years! I don’t know why but whenever I would look through photos of weddings in Charleston I would always be so drawn in to the sprawling oak trees draped in Spanish moss and thick golden sunlight.

I am so so so happy that I got to meet Jackie and Jesus and that they the ones I was getting to photograph in Charleston! That’s one great perk of my job: getting to meet awesome people like them! They were so awesome the whole day, including the rainy start to getting dehydrated because of the humidity, they still made their day so much fun!

Their wedding day was a very unique one and it had me on my toes practically all day! Yes it was a rainy stormy mess at first, confided to the hotel rooms as Jackie and Jesus prepared for their special day. But we all watched the weather (on the royal wedding) and I never gave up that it would magically all stop and everything would okay.

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Narges & Chris – Mountaintop Iranian American Wedding – Cabin Ridge – Hendersonville, NC 5.13.18

I am so so sooooo ready to showcase and re live all the beauty that happened in 2018! To be honest, I’m still reeling from it all. The busiest year I’ve had EVER and it was filled with so many wonderful travels, amazing IN LOVE couples and inspiring moments! I honestly feel like Asheville and Western North Carolina as a whole is the perfect area for me and my business and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be here for another 2 years! For one the landscape is just breathtaking, I’ve been smitten with the mountains since I’ve moved here. Having my camera in hand I’ve been able to experience the gorgeous mountains and capture it all with the amazing people I’ve met.

I’ve already featured Andrea and Shawn’s wedding at the Farm in Candler so now I’m featuring Narges and Chris’ wedding at Cabin Ridge in Hendersonville. Cabin Ridge has gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains, the ceremony site directly overlooking the spectacular view. I was very happy that I was getting the chance to photograph at this venue.

Narges celebrated her Iranian culture by intertwining it along with American wedding traditions. They held a traditional American ceremony followed by “Sofreh aghd” which is a traditional wedding spread where legal marriage and ceremonial traditional is exchanged. The sofreh aghd spread is customary at Persian weddings, there are many symbolic items on the spread that represent an element of the couple’s new life together. (You’ll see the photos of the spread and Narges and Chris preforming the ceremony together with their family and friends) My favorite part of the sofreh aghd ceremony was the end when Narges and Chris exchanged hands and dipped their finger in the honey and shared it with each other which is to represent the sweetness of their marriage.

Narges made sure to have many handmade details at her weddings, to have it be intimate and personal to each guest that arrived. I loved watching her and her bridesmaids assemble their bouquets, having fun together and helping Narges prepare for a magical day.

I loved capturing different traditions at weddings, to document different types of love, marriage and union between two people.

After the ceremony, Narges and Chris celebrated the rest of their special day with friends and family and the energy never died down. Dancing as the sun settled behind the mountains, eating cake and twirling under sparklers, Narges and Chris held a beautiful and magical wedding. I’m so happy I was able to be apart of it and capture their love story (:


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MiChaela & Major – Fall Engagement Session – Downtown Asheville – 11.10.17

So happy to be posting these amazing images because I am photographing MiChaela and Major’s wedding this weekend! I can not be more excited!! I was happy to get a chance to photography beautiful downtown Asheville–especially in the fall!

It was a bit on the cold side but the three of us had a great time exploring the area, walking around and capturing magic! They had great energy the entire time so I can only imagine how wonderful their wedding is going to be!

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Andrea & Shawn – Beautiful Mountain Wedding – The Farm – Candler, NC – 5.5.18

I am oh, so happy to be showcasing this wedding! My first wedding in the mountains since moving to Asheville and I am so grateful it was with an amazing couple like Andrea and Shawn. I have visited the Farm a few times before their wedding and I’m so happy I got to photograph their beautiful event space. They offer a wonderful rustic feel to the ceremony site and reception area. Even though it isn’t too far away from the highway you still feel like you are tucked away in the mountains surrounded beautiful forests, mountain views and a quaint farm with nearby horses.

Andrea and Shawn are a wonderful couple and I loved working with them! I had photographed their engagement photos in Charlotte a few weeks prior and had so much fun I knew their wedding day was going to be magical!

Urban Farm Girl had the floral arrangements for the wedding and if you know anything about me you know that I always swoon over wedding flowers! I loved the organic feel to the table arrangements and Andrea’s bouquet (I died over the succulents and the anemones) and the pops of lavender and beautiful greens.

Andrea and Shawn shared a magical first look together, both of them excited for the ceremony soon. During their ceremony the reminisced about how they first met, their crazy first memories as a couple and how they have blossomed into the couple they are now. The rain had started towards the end and they hurriedly kissed and rushed down the aisle, followed by umbrellas. Luckily the rain didn’t last long after that and we were able to capture more magic across the street!

The rest of their special day was filled with admiration from their friends and family of their relationship, now marriage along with a Cinco-de-Mayo pinata game during the reception, dancing alone under the cafe lights and a glow stick exit! I loved documenting their special day and capturing it with lovely photos!



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Michelle & Chris – Engagement Session – Hagan Stone Park – 8.20.17

Here are some gorgeous images from Michelle and Chris’ engagement shoot at Hagan Stone Park. I have known Michelle since my freshmen year in high school and had the pleasure of photographing her and Chris back in 2013. It’s amazing to capture their love again, to see how much they have grown together in the last four years. ALSO! I will be photographing their wedding in Walnut Cove in June of this year!! Hope you enjoy these photos (:


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Brittany & Miguel – Liberty, NC – Mason Ridge 6.24.17

I’ve always been drawn to the storytelling aspect of wedding photography. Wedding days are full of so many different stories and wonderful moments! Getting to document all of them, then piece them together to create one amazing love story is one of my favorite things.

Nothing says summer in North Carolina like thick humidity in the morning and then dark storm clouds with a downpour of rain in the afternoon. Brittany and Miguel definitely got a taste of a true summer day in North Carolina. The morning started out normal with gorgeous sunshine and sporadic clouds. Brittany and her bridesmaids were getting ready at Mason Ridge, Brittany hiding the anxious smile on her face the whole time.

By the time Miguel and his groomsmen arrived the storm clouds rolled in. But that didn’t phase either of them. When the wind and the rain eventually did come it arrived just before the ceremony was about to start. We all decided to wait it out, knowing that rainstorms here don’t last that long usually. Everyone held their breath as the rain continued, hoping to see a break in the clouds. Brittany, surrounded by her mother and her bridesmaids, prayed for sunshine and for the rest of the day to run smoothly.

Thankfully, just as we were about to rearrange the entire schedule the sky opened up and the rain stopped!! Brittany got to walk down the aisle escorted by her father, exchange vows with her now husband and have her perfect wedding day! I was in awe the whole time and so thankful that the rain had stopped. I captured pure joy that day and when it was all over it just reaffirmed by love for wedding photography. I hope ya’ll enjoy these awesome photos!!



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Katie & Kevin – Greensboro / Clemmons, NC – Tanglewood Park – 4.29.17

My third wedding of 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited about photographing Katie and Kevin’s special day! It was a beautiful spring day, perfect for a wedding. Katie and Kevin’s ceremony was held at First Lutheran Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. They had a beautiful first touch where they exchanged gifts and handwritten letters before the ceremony. After they tied the knot, we all headed to Tanglewood Park for their lovely reception!

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