Jackie & Jesus – Romantic Charleston Wedding – Magnolia Plantation – Charleston, SC 5.19.18

I’m going to be real real here with ya’ll. This wedding was a HUGE deal for me. When I first booked this wedding I was on cloud nine for at least a month! I could not believe I was getting the chance to photograph a wedding in Charleston, a location I had dreamed of photographing for years! I don’t know why but whenever I would look through photos of weddings in Charleston I would always be so drawn in to the sprawling oak trees draped in Spanish moss and thick golden sunlight.

I am so so so happy that I got to meet Jackie and Jesus and that they the ones I was getting to photograph in Charleston! That’s one great perk of my job: getting to meet awesome people like them! They were so awesome the whole day, including the rainy start to getting dehydrated because of the humidity, they still made their day so much fun!

Their wedding day was a very unique one and it had me on my toes practically all day! Yes it was a rainy stormy mess at first, confided to the hotel rooms as Jackie and Jesus prepared for their special day. But we all watched the weather (on the royal wedding) and I never gave up that it would magically all stop and everything would okay.


I think someone heard my prayers because by the time Nikki (my second) and the groomsmen arrived to the church the rain had stopped!

They held a traditional Catholic ceremony in a quaint church in Charleston. Jackie and Jesus had moments of laughter and genuine love during their ceremony (you’ll see in the photos below) and took a trolley to the reception soon after!

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is one heck of a place! Let me tell you!! Probably the most gorgeous venue I’ve photographed to date! It all felt like a beautiful love story and the venue was the perfect backdrop! That’s what I truly loved about their wedding, I felt like I was capturing a love story – a romantic movie being played out. I loved being a part of their special day and capturing all the love, laughs, fun and kisses.



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