Narges & Chris – Mountaintop Iranian American Wedding – Cabin Ridge – Hendersonville, NC 5.13.18

I am so so sooooo ready to showcase and re live all the beauty that happened in 2018! To be honest, I’m still reeling from it all. The busiest year I’ve had EVER and it was filled with so many wonderful travels, amazing IN LOVE couples and inspiring moments! I honestly feel like Asheville and Western North Carolina as a whole is the perfect area for me and my business and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be here for another 2 years! For one the landscape is just breathtaking, I’ve been smitten with the mountains since I’ve moved here. Having my camera in hand I’ve been able to experience the gorgeous mountains and capture it all with the amazing people I’ve met.

I’ve already featured Andrea and Shawn’s wedding at the Farm in Candler so now I’m featuring Narges and Chris’ wedding at Cabin Ridge in Hendersonville. Cabin Ridge has gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains, the ceremony site directly overlooking the spectacular view. I was very happy that I was getting the chance to photograph at this venue.

Narges celebrated her Iranian culture by intertwining it along with American wedding traditions. They held a traditional American ceremony followed by “Sofreh aghd” which is a traditional wedding spread where legal marriage and ceremonial traditional is exchanged. The sofreh aghd spread is customary at Persian weddings, there are many symbolic items on the spread that represent an element of the couple’s new life together. (You’ll see the photos of the spread and Narges and Chris preforming the ceremony together with their family and friends) My favorite part of the sofreh aghd ceremony was the end when Narges and Chris exchanged hands and dipped their finger in the honey and shared it with each other which is to represent the sweetness of their marriage.

Narges made sure to have many handmade details at her weddings, to have it be intimate and personal to each guest that arrived. I loved watching her and her bridesmaids assemble their bouquets, having fun together and helping Narges prepare for a magical day.

I loved capturing different traditions at weddings, to document different types of love, marriage and union between two people.

After the ceremony, Narges and Chris celebrated the rest of their special day with friends and family and the energy never died down. Dancing as the sun settled behind the mountains, eating cake and twirling under sparklers, Narges and Chris held a beautiful and magical wedding. I’m so happy I was able to be apart of it and capture their love story (:






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